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Morning clouds

Woke up to see clouds billowing in the sky.
Some grey, rest white, they felt cottony light.
Carefree, hither thither, like pillows they would fly,
It seemed like little angels’ enjoying a snowball fight
Some like waves lashing against a distant shore
Some like wild horses chased around a green meadow
Some like schooling fish rushing toward an invisible door
Some like feral pigeons flying together in a ghetto
They soared and spread far, wherever they could
Until that time there was a little golden peep
All that tumbling roused their father from sleep
Smiling he woke up kissing lightly each and every cloud
Like a mother pressing her tiny tot to her heart
They cuddled and hugged together in the sunrise hour.
He then sent them away to play in a different spot
His day had begun, it was the time to shine on every flower.
(Image courtesy:

My Maker

Photography by Deepak Varghese, @photographybydeepakvarghesedeepak-varghese

Photography by Deepak Varghese, @photographybydeepakvarghese


Sometimes words just come to you when you see something, weaving a story of their own. This picture by Deepak Varghese brought this poem to me.

I wandered aimlessly across the gloomy sands
Country after country, a shore after another
My heart never feels at home in distant lands
Is my quest eternal? I pondered, should I even bother?
I did what my father did and he did what his father did
Unquestioning, unwavering, all totally unimaginative
“Simply follow my steps!” he said, life will be splendid.
Life like an automated machine? In the end, nothing productive.
What is life? Where should I go? Where can I find peace?
Who do I follow? Why am I so shallow? Why do I even live?
Should I climb a mountain? When would all my questions cease?
Not a Fakir helped! Not even soul searching? Why can’t I believe?
Weary, worried that there is no help from any quarter
I climbed the hill, wondering does it really matter?
Golden light, amber and molten, clouds dancing in the horizon
Did someone just part the curtains for me?
Yes, At last I think I’ve found my Maker!
(Image courtesy: Photography by Deepak Varghese)

Oh Sweet Sleep

(Image courtesy:

“To sleep perchance to dream…”


Oh Sweet sleep, would you please come by?

Cuddle me tight with a butterfly kiss

Sssshing…every noise to help me try

And close my eyes to float in bliss.

Oh Sweet sleep, will you help banish?

All the worries, sorrows until the morrow

Chasing…every anguish till they vanish

As I grow strong to fight again tomorrow.


Oh Sweet sleep, will you help restore?

The faith that there is still hope in this world

Strengthening…the belief I will find my shore

As I strive to keep my peace, in this twisted world.

Oh Sweet sleep, will you warm my heart?

Blanket me in sweet dreams, soft and mellow

Singing…with a balmy voice, promising never to part

As I feel I’ve lead my life right, lying on a pillow

Oh Sweet sleep, I know that every night I sleep

I grow older, inching nearer to that slumber deep…

That best sleep I might ne’er wake again from

No fears, no dreads, where sleep is a blessing

Where tenderness, sweetness blesses every child

I pray, just make me a good soul as I first was,

As you take me far away, from whence I came.


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